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In-Person & Online

Sometimes all we need is someone to come in and help us with one aspect of our wardrobe, and with that boost we can go and do the rest ourselves. 

However, for many people having an expert on hand to go through every aspect of the process of wardrobe transformation is what they need to get them from where they are to a wardrobe that they love and truly helps them achieve their goals in life.

If you are in the latter category, this package is for you! 

  • Style Strategy – In this session, we’ll explore what’s not currently working for you, what your wardrobe goals are, and I’ll give you a bunch of the style recommendations for how to reach those goals. See my Style Strategy service for more information on what we would cover in this section.
  • Advanced Colour Analysis – Here you will discover what colours best suit your skin tone, hair and eye colour. You’ll receive a swatch of 50 colours that are easy to take with you anywhere so you can always remember what are the best colours for you to buy. 
  • Wardrobe Edit – 2 hours – In this section we will go through your current wardrobe, looking at what still works for you, repurposing some items, and retiring others that no longer serve you. We will also create a shopping list of items needed to fill any ‘gaps’.
  • Personal Shopping – 4 hours – It will now be time to hit the shops! We will take our shopping list we created during the Wardrobe Edit and your colour swatch, and go and find all the items you need to add to your collection.
  • Outfit Creation – 1.5 hours – After shopping, it’s hugely important that you know how to incorporate the new items into your existing wardrobe, and how to wear them! In this final part, we go back into your wardrobe with the new items, and come up with a range of different outfits. We’ll also take outfit photos that you can store on your phone for quick future reference.

For those who are time poor:

If you need results, but don’t have the time to spend on this package, please contact me. 

I can provide a fully managed style service where I do the majority of the work for you, with minimal involvement on your part. 

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