Wardrobe transformation is not something that can happen with snap of your fingers; it is a multi-step process! 

Firstly, you need to know what you’re looking for – we cover this in a 1:1 Style Strategy. After that, you’ll need to assess your current wardrobe, then go shopping to get needed garments and accessories. After that, it’s important to know how to put all the different garments into great looking outfits! 

My services are structured so that you can choose to do any one of these steps with me, just a couple of them (you’ll save 10% combining 3 or more services!), or for best results, you can go through the entire process with me (you’ll save greater than 10% choosing this option).

Alternatively, if you are time poor, there is an option for a fully managed package, in which I do almost all of the heavy lifting for you, without you present – please contact me for more information.

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