Style Support

Advanced Colour Analysis

$250 | ~1 hour

Knowing what colours suit you is the difference between looking tired or sick, and looking vibrant and healthy. 

It also makes shopping more efficient, and your wardrobe more versatile.

Imagine going shopping and being able to eliminate at least 50% of the garments in store before you ever try anything on. That’s what knowing your colours can do! Having items in your wardrobe that all form part of the same colour palette makes mixing and matching a breeze, and also means you won’t need as many garments (as everything you have goes together)!

  • Colour analysis using one of the world’s most advanced colour analysis systems, Absolute Colour System (ACS)
  • Receive your unique colour swatch with 50 colours
  • Discover your ‘Signature Colours’
  • Tips on using your swatch and how to wear your colours

Receive 10% off your entire invoice when combining 3 or more services

Personal Branding Shoot

Great looking, on-brand headshots are an indispensable part of a strong image, and done well will elevate your personal brand very effectively.

If you’d like a stylist to help you or your team decide what to wear, and styling assistance on the day, I can help!

  • Zoom call prior to the day to plan your outfit according to your brand | 30 min | $80
  • On-set styling assistance | Minimum 1 hour |$100/hr 

Personal Shopping

  • Save hours of your time by shopping with me
  • Let me navigate the plethora of shops and garments out there (not you!)
  • Get instant in-person feedback on potential outfits
  • Save hundreds if not thousands of dollars getting it right the first time
  • Practically apply advice from your Style Strategy session
  • Shop with confidence


(2 hour minimum)

Locations: Rundle Mall, Burnside Village, King William Road

Shopping in Absence

If you are very short on time, it is possible for me to shop without you present. Recommended or potential clothing pieces would be sourced and set aside. All you would need to do is come and try all the items on, and buy what you wish. No browsing required. 

Online Shopping

Sometimes it is beneficial to take advantage of the extensive online shopping available. I use an online shopping platform for making recommendations, making it incredibly easy for clients to view and purchase garments.

Made to Measure

Sometimes it can be better (and even cheaper!) to get an item of clothing made. 

I know some of the best bespoke tailors and dressmakers in Adelaide and, if desired, can come with you on your first visit to help you choose fabrics and styles.

A Style Strategy session is a prerequisite for this service

Outfit Creation


(2 hour minimum)

Here is where the real time saving comes in. Imagine having an album on your phone containing numbers of different outfit options for you to choose from. Instead of standing in front of your wardrobe trying to remember what bag goes with your shoes, you can quickly scroll through your album and pick a ‘ready made’ outfit. Simple, effective, guaranteed success. Voila! 


  1. Send me photos of the garments you would like to create outfits with – I will put them together into outfits and send them back to you
  2. Outfit creation can also take place while shopping with me. At the end of the shopping trip, some time will be set aside to put your new garments into outfits and take photos
  3. Outfits can be created during a Wardrobe Edit session

A Style Strategy session is a prerequisite for this service

Receive 10% off your entire invoice when combining 3 or more services

Wardrobe Edit


(2 hour minimum)

Either In-Person (Adelaide) or Online

A wardrobe filled with clothes you don’t wear is not only a waste of space, but can also be difficult to navigate. Discover how to reinvent pieces you already own, or retire them if they no longer serve you. You will be left with a wardrobe that is more efficient, less cluttered and more enjoyable!

  • Retire pieces that no longer serve your lifestyle or goals
  • Discuss the possibility of altering existing pieces so they work for you
  • Assessment of fit and alignment of current wardrobe with style and colour recommendations
  • Wardrobe organisation tips
  • Create a shopping list
If you have a large wardrobe, we will work with the portion that you are currently focused on (seasonal, or a lifestyle focus).

A Style Strategy session is a prerequisite for this service

Makeup Lesson

$180 | 1 hour

Unfortunately makeup wasn’t a subject offered at school, and yet is an essential part of the modern woman’s skillset. Unless you had a mother, sister or friend who taught you, most women were left to figure it out for themselves – with differing levels of success! This session isn’t designed to turn you into a makeup artist, it is simply to teach you basic makeup techniques you may never have learned, that will elevate and refine your look.

  • Discover how to properly apply foundation, eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush, mascara, brows etc (as required)
  • Learn how to apply blush and eyeshadow to best compliment your unique face and eye shape
  • Advice tailored to suit your time-constraints, unique makeup requirements, and comfort levels
  • Product and makeup colour recommendations
  • I am able to create a custom eyeshadow, blush and highlighter palette for you

* We will use client’s own makeup during the session. If you are in need of makeup products, first book in a Personal Shopping session

Not sure which Support Services you need?

My Get Me Results Package combines all the core services you need to achieve your wardrobe goals – you also save $$!

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